LoRa Smart Products Empower Cold Chain Logistics

In recent years, cold chain logistics has gradually entered people’s field of vision from the beginning, and it has also become a blue ocean market of hundreds of millions in the field of logistics. On the one hand, policies at the international level are frequently promulgated, providing guidance on the development goals, industry standards and supply chain system construction of the cold chain logistics industry. In addition, the rapid development of e-commerce in China has led to an increase in the number of orders for fresh food, agricultural products, and dairy products. They are all extremely dependent on cold chain logistics, and now it has become a hot commodity for all kinds of sellers.

According to the statistics of the “China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Market Prospect and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report” released by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, it is predicted that the scale of China’s cold chain logistics market will grow to exceed 900 billion yuan in 2023.

In this way, cold chain logistics should be a thriving scene. But all along, the development process of China’s cold chain logistics is not ideal. The biggest advantage of cold chain logistics is that it can realize the whole process of low temperature preservation of processing, storage, transportation and sales. The essence is the monitoring of temperature and humidity, but in practice, the phenomenon of supply chain disconnection is serious. How to effectively supervise the temperature and humidity in the whole process of transportation in real time has become the primary issue.

Temperature monitoring and location tracking during cold chain transportation need to address the following pain points:

1.Data transmission requires the use of wireless technology, covering a range of 20 meters and penetrating 2 layers of iron.

2.Data collection and transmission ensure quasi-real-time, and the frequency is within 1 minute.

3.Shipping times vary, up to 15 days.

4.The maximum number of reefer containers loaded on each cold chain truck can be up to 1000.

5.The refrigerator is powered by battery, which needs to be guaranteed for 1 year.

6.The monitoring elements of cold chain trucks include at least the temperature and humidity of the four walls and the location of the truck.


The cold chain logistics industry has high requirements on network delay, coverage, distance, power consumption, through put rate and reliability. Traditional wireless communication technology cannot achieve a good balance in the above indicators, and these are precisely the unique advantages of LoRa. Based on LoRa technology, HKT has developed new products for the cold chain industry, changing the traditional wireless communication technology and replacing it with LoRa. Under the same power consumption, it expands the distance by 3-5 times compared with the traditional wireless radio frequency communication, and the penetration ability is also improved.

Advantages of HKT temperature & humidity sensor

  • Integrate multiple sensing functions

    It integrates GPS tracking, accelerometer and temperature &humidity acquisition all in one Excellent hardware design

  • Sophisticated technology,high Security,

    UV protective housing, IP67

  • Easy to use

    Simple to use, support magnet quick turn ON/OFF

  • Long communication distance

    LoRaWAN communication technology,max communication distance up to 11km

  • Long battery life

    Low power consumption, using standard 8000 mAh large capacity lithium battery working more than 3 years  

  • Good compatibility

    Compatible with standard LoRaWAN gateways and third-party network server platforms


China’s cold chain logistics has entered a stage of rapid development. The characteristics of LoRa, such as low power consumption, long distance, easy deployment, strong penetration and support for positioning, will continue to add innovative power to cold chain logistics. Its comprehensive advantages in time, frequency and space make this simple but effective protocol also have wider application in other industries. What awaits LoRa will be a blossoming spring scene.


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