LoRaWAN GPS Cattle Tracker

  • Price: Negotiable
  • MOQ: 50 SQM
  • NRC: 0.88 from ISO354
  • Fire protection performance: Class A
  • Eco-Friendly: E1

LoRaWAN GAT-100 GPS Catter Tracker

The HKT-GAT-100 animal tracker is designed and developed by Hunan HKT Technology Co., Ltd. LoRaWAN based (NB-IoT optional) GPS tracking device for cattle tracking with a built-in 38,000 mAh lithium-ion battery,which can be used continuously for more than one year without replacing the battery. The Collar’s GPS location data will uplink to LoRaWAN gateway according to the schedule you choose , The collar is programmed wirelessly by the network server.

HKT-GAT-100 is small in size, does not need cables, and it’s easy to install. It can be widely used in a wide range of animal husbandry such as cattle and sheep to realize remote scientific breeding.


Features of LoRaWAN GPS Cattle Tracker

  • Saving operational costs

  • Collect livestock behaviour data

  • Herd counting made easy

  • Real time warnings for theft/hostility 

  • Geofencing capabilities

  • Cattle collars work in remote locations and tough grazing conditions

  • The system is scalable for small or large herds.

  • Multi-sensor comprehensive monitoring


HKT provides customized services:

  • ODM
  • Pre-sales & After-sales Services
  • Technology Support

Product Specification

Parameters Description
Frequency Band EU868,CN470,IN865,US915,AU915,AS923
Battery 38000mAh Li−ion  battery,Non rechargeable
Operating temperature -20°C ~60°C
Operating humidity ≤90%
Dimensions 152*49*53mm (Weight 360g)
Communication range Up to 5km
Uplink Time interval 1 to 1440 minutes,By Default 30 Minutes
Ingress protection IP68
Collar size 5 cm wide nylon textile Belt
Activation Method OTAA/ABP Class A


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