LoRaWAN Single-phase Electric Meter

  • Price: Negotiable
  • MOQ: 50 SQM
  • NRC: 0.88 from ISO354
  • Fire protection performance: Class A
  • Eco-Friendly: E1

LoRaWAN Single-phase Electric Meter

HKT single-phase fee-controlled intelligent watt-hour meter is a new generation of energy metering products. This product adopts the special large-scale integrated circuit and SMT production technology, and has the functions of power metering, data processing, real-time monitoring, automatic control, information interaction and so on.

Features of LoRaWAN Single-phase Electric Meter

  • Metering: It has the function of time-sharing metering, and the active electric energy is accumulated according to the corresponding time period, and the total, peak, peak, flat and valley electric energy is stored.
  • Prepayment: The watt-hour meter can sell electricity through the remote 485 or LORAWAN/NB module. When the electricity quantity is lower than the alarm value, the user is reminded to purchase electricity in a display mode; It has the function of overdraft limit.
  • Measurement and monitoring: It can measure, record and display the voltage, current, power factor and other operating parameters of the current watt-hour meter. The measurement error shall not exceed ± 1%.
  • Timing function: Built-in hardware clock circuit with temperature compensation function is adopted, which has automatic conversion functions of calendar, timing and leap year.


HKT provides customized services:

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  • Technology Support

Product Specifications

Parameters Description
Current Input Input current:5 (20) A, 5 (60) A, 10 (40) A, 15 (60) A
Starting current:≤ 0.004 Ib
Voltage Input Rated voltage:220V
Reference frequency:50Hz
Voltage line powerconsumption ≤ 1. 5W and 10VA (static)
Current line power consumption < 1VA
Working temperature -25℃~ +60℃
Operating relative humidity ≤ 85%
Pulse constant 1200 (imp/kWh)
Measurement accuracy Level 1/Level 2
Daily timing error 0.5 sec/day
Communication support Daily timing error
Battery capacity ≥ 1200 mAh
Communication Support LoRaWAN/NBIOT/GPRS/RS485

Serial Number Name Unit Quantity
1 Single-phase electric meter Only 1
2 Magnet(optional) Only 1


  • Large-scale sports electricity monitoring system
  • Airport electricity monitoring system
  • Conference center electricity monitoring system
  • High-speed railway station power monitoring and energy consumption monitoring
  • Factory environment
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