LoRaWAN Smart Watch

  • Price: Negotiable
  • MOQ: 50 SQM
  • NRC: 0.88 from ISO354
  • Fire protection performance: Class A
  • Eco-Friendly: E1

LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch

LoRaWAN smartwatch is a kind of wearable smart device that is indispensable in IoT applications. This LoRaWAN watch is widely used worldwide because of the large area covered by the LoRaWAN network. LoRaWAN wearable, for example, is perfect for outdoor location tracking, keeping employees safe and able to send messages under the platform at any time to warn them not to enter dangerous or sensitive areas. It can also send messages and alarms via LoRaWAN Watch without a communications network improving communication and productivity.

Features of LoRaWAN Smart Watch

  • Real-time collection of health data such as blood oxygen, HRV, body temperature, ambulatory heart rate, blood pressure, step counting and sleep
  • Built-in GPS Beidou, Wifi and motion sensors to achieve seamless indoor and outdoor positioning; the built-in low-power Bluetooth BLE of the wristband achieves more accurate indoor positioning;
  • SOS one-key alarm. Support automatic alarms such as health data exceeding the default, entering and leaving the electronic fence, low power and turn off;
  • Wearing detection. Enter ultra-low power mode without wearing;
  • Resuming transmission from breakpoints (positioning and health data will be saved in locations where there is no signal, and then centralized transmission will wait for a signal);
  • Standard 22mm width strap, which can be freely replaced (metal, leather,silicone and other straps are supported); NFC tag strap (M1 card RFID) can be selected;
  • Built-in low-power BLE 5.0 of the watch can connect to a variety of Bluetooth peripherals(transmit the data of the peripherals to the watch to the background).


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Product Specification

Parameters Description
Modem AS923MHz, US915Mhz, EU868MHz
Tx Power Max +20dBm
Communication range 500~1000M in dense urban,1.5KM los
Positioning 1. Quadruple hybrid positioning of indoor & outdoor GPS Beidou, Wifi and acceleration sensors, and optimize the accuracy and power consumption through algorithms.
2. Positioning accuracy: 5-20 meters (indoor scenes vary depending on the Wifi density)
3. Accurate Bluetooth positioning 1-3 meters (with Bluetooth beacon, accurate to floors, house numbers, rooms, classrooms, wards, etc.)
Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 5.0
Display 1.22 inch circular 240 X 210 dot matrix HD color TFT display
Rubber strap Standard 22mm strap. Optional two-color sports strap, or special tamper-proof strap (users can also purchase replacement leather, silicone, leather cloth)
Buttons 2 physical buttons (switch and SOS)
Battery capacity Li-ion polymer high voltage battery, 450mAh, / magnetic charging cable
Charging Magnetic charging cable
Operation time Charging: 2 hours; standby: more than 1 month; normal use: 5-7 days (depending on positioning frequency)
Ingress protection IP67
Electronic tags Optional strap with RFID card (without default)
Health data Blood oxygen, HRV, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, step counting, sleep detection
Dimensions 48 x 52 x 15.5 mm (W*L*H)
Weight 50g


LoRaWAN smartwatches offer versatile applications:

Health Tracking: Monitor vital signs and physical activity for wellness.
Workplace Safety: Monitor worker health and safety in hazardous environments.
IoT Integration: Enable seamless data exchange with other connected devices.




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