LoRaWAN Multi-Flow Smart Water Meter Dry Type(Valve Controlled)

  • Price: Negotiable
  • MOQ: 50 SQM
  • NRC: 0.88 from ISO354
  • Fire protection performance: Class A
  • Eco-Friendly: E1

LoRaWAN Multi-flow Dry Valve-Controlled Water Meter

Multi-flow dry valve-controlled water meter is mainly a water inlet direction, through which water flows into the water meter movement and scours the impeller of the water meter, thus obtaining a kind of water meter for measurement.

The counter adopts dry counter, which can keep clear reading for a long time. Choose high-quality materials, reliable performance, small initial flow, high measurement accuracy, beautiful and durable appearance; Magnetic sensor is adopted, which has stable performance and high reliability.

However, it also has disadvantages. Because the stress points of a stream of water are relatively concentrated, the impeller of the water meter will be worn to some extent after long-term use, thus affecting the measurement and service life of the water meter.

Features of Multi-flow Dry Valve-Controlled Water Meter

  • Small volume
  • Order-taking structure
  • Light weight and low cost
  • External error adjusting device


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  • ODM
  • Pre-sales & After-sales Services
  • Technology Support

Product Specification

Parameters Description
Caliber DN15 DN20 DN25
Minimum Flow (Q1) 0.031 0.05 0.079
Boundary Flow (Q2) 0.05 0.08 0.126
Maximum Flow (Q3) 2.5 4 6.3
Nominal Flow (Q4) 3.1 5 7.9
Range Ratio = (Q3/Q1) 80
Maximum allowable error Q3 ± 2%, Q2 ± 2%, Q1 ± 5%
Accuracy grade Class B
Working pressure ≤ 1. 6MPa
Pressure loss ≤ 0. 1MPa
Ingress protection IP65
Working water temperature 0 ~ 30 ℃
Communication LoRaWAN/NB/GPRS/RS485
Power supply 3.0 V


Serial Number Name Unit Quantity
1 Multi-flow dry Valve-controlled Water Meter Piece 1
2 Coupling,sealing washer (optional) Piece 2



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