Is It Necessary to Install Smoke Alarms?

Smoke alarm is currently one of the cheapest, most convenient and most effective tools to save fire damage. He can detect the fire early and alarm, so as to extinguish the fire in the initial stage and avoid the loss of life and property. For the specific reasons, please follow HKT and read on!


The law of fire development and the role of smoke alarms time.


Indoor fires are divided into four stages: the initial stage of fire, the boom ignition stage, the full development stage, the exhaustion stage


Early stage of fire.

Small burning area, weak combustion intensity, the temperature is not high, at this time if the fire can be found early, with simple tools can be broken.


Boom combustion stage.

This time the indoor temperature basically rose to 400-600 ℃, all combustible indoor instantaneous burning at the same time, this time the fire basically who entered who died. The fire is already difficult to control.


Fully developed stage.

Temperature rises rapidly, the face base rapidly expanding, burning speed accelerating, ordinary civilian fire-fighting equipment can not control the fire, professional 119 also have to pay a great price to be able to put out.


Decay stage.

Combustible material reduction or oxygen consumption will slow down the rate of combustion know gradually extinguished, but there is still the risk of combustion and explosion.


From the development of the law of fire, in the early stages of fire to find the fire and quickly extinguished, is the only way to minimize losses. The smoke alarm can detect the fire early, sound and light alarm, so as to put out the fire as soon as possible, smoke alarm is undoubtedly a great tool to reduce fire losses.


Maintenance of smoke alarms


Generally speaking, it is best to test smoke alarms once regularly, and it is also best to clean the dust once every six months to avoid dust blockage that leads to false alarms.



The LoRaWAN smoke detector sensor is an ideal addition to our range of smart building sensors. It is equipped with a photoelectric sensor for smoke detection. When smoke is detected in a room, it generates an audible signal (8 0 dB), a light alarm, and sends an alert message via the LoRa data network. Users can monitor fire conditions anytime and anywhere via mobile app.


HKT can provide IoT smoke detectors / LoRa smoke detectors with high quality and competitive price.


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