Discover the Powerful Features of the HKT LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch

In the rapidly evolving world of IoT applications, the LoRa smart watch has emerged as an indispensable wearable device. Among the wide range of options available, the LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch from HKT LORA stands out for its exceptional performance and extensive coverage. Designed to revolutionize outdoor location tracking and communication, this LoRa smart watch offers a host of features that ensure the safety and productivity of users.

Real-Time Health Monitoring for Optimal Well-being

The LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch is equipped with advanced sensors that enable real-time collection of vital health data. From blood oxygen levels and heart rate variability to body temperature and blood pressure, this LoRa smart watch provides comprehensive insights into your well-being. With the ability to monitor step count and sleep patterns, it empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle.


Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

Featuring built-in GPS Beidou, Wi-Fi, and motion sensors, the LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch offers seamless positioning both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re exploring a new city or navigating through a complex indoor environment, this smartwatch ensures accurate and reliable location tracking. Additionally, the low-power Bluetooth BLE technology integrated into the wristband enables even more precise indoor positioning, enhancing your overall navigation experience.


Enhanced Safety with SOS One-Key Alarm

Safety is of paramount importance, and the LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch prioritizes it with its SOS one-key alarm feature. In case of emergencies or critical situations, you can activate the alarm with a single press, instantly notifying your designated contacts. The smartwatch also supports automatic alarms triggered by health data exceeding predefined thresholds, entering or leaving electronic fences, low battery levels, and power-off events. With these features, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a button away.


Efficient Communication and Increased Productivity

The LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch enables seamless communication and boosts productivity in various scenarios. With the ability to send messages and alarms via the LoRaWAN network, it eliminates the need for a separate communication infrastructure. This is particularly beneficial for industries where employees work in remote or hazardous environments. The smartwatch allows supervisors to send timely warnings and instructions to ensure the safety of their teams. By streamlining communication, the LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch enhances productivity and efficiency across different sectors.



In the realm of IoT applications, the LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch emerges as a powerful and versatile wearable device. With its extensive coverage provided by the HKT LoRaWAN network, this smartwatch offers unparalleled safety and productivity features. From real-time health monitoring to seamless indoor and outdoor positioning, the SW-200 Smart Watch empowers users to lead healthier lives and navigate their surroundings with ease. With its SOS one-key alarm and efficient communication capabilities, this smartwatch ensures the well-being and productivity of individuals in various industries. Embrace the future of wearable technology with the LoRaWAN SW-200 Smart Watch from HKT LORA and experience a new level of connectivity and convenience.

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