Indoor Air Quality Sensor Solution


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solution Create Healthier Indoor Environment

It is designed for human who cares about health environment.

We’ve kept ourselves safe and healthy by careful protection yet without smart and effective way. Now it’s time to step into a new time and learn indoor air quality sensor solution.

At HKT, we help you and your people to live in smarter and more environment-protection facilities. Towards that end, real-time data about air quality is essential. And that starts with our multiple-functional monitor solution for indoor air quality (IAQ).



By CO2 Detection to achieve Secured Study

Campus IAQ Solution Success Case Worldwide

Globally, people have a further understanding for indoor air quality (IAQ), especially for students and education practitioners across the educational stages. See how we can help you to eliminate stale or polluted air adversely.



Ensuring a Healthier Space for Occupants Everywhere

Indoor air quality intimately related to our life.Let’s see and have a understanding of your IAQ Sensor.

High-effective IAQ Sensor for Better Air Quatily 

High-effective IAQ Sensor for Better Air Quatily Use our comprehensive products to customize a IAQ solution to fit your needs. Our IAQ sensor can monitor the air status that people stay in and breathe.

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