How does a LoRa Smart Watch Help Senior Care




Many Senior Citizens are retired and most of them suffer from major and minor health issues which affects their routine life. How can the seniors suffering from such diseases been better taken care of? A LoRa Smart Watch can help.

A LoRa smart watch is basically a wearable minicomputer or a mini smartphone in the form of a wristwatch, and consists of display, GPS or GNSS, temperature sensor, pedometer, heart rate sensor, and Bluetooth module, enabling the watch with the feature of satellite positioning, communication ability, and health data monitoring.

The LoRa watch can track the real-time location of the senior, and their health status by regularly checking their heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, sleeping data, etc, and sends the health status like heart rate, humidity to the management center through LoRa network. Moreover, in case of an emergency, the senior can press the SOS button on the watch will immediately send a SMS to the caretaker and send the location of the senior to the management center.



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