Ensure Accurate Measurement and Safety with the HKT LoRa Gas Meter

At HKT LORA, we take pride in offering innovative solutions that prioritize accuracy, reliability, and safety. Introducing the LoRaWAN Gas Meter, a state-of-the-art device designed to revolutionize domestic gas consumption monitoring. With its integrated movement, rotary distribution structure, and stable rotation mechanism, this gas meter guarantees precise measurement and unparalleled safety performance. Let us delve into the exceptional features of the LoRaWAN Gas Meter that make it the ideal choice for your home.

Accurate Measurement with Simplified Structure

The LoRaWAN Gas Meter from HKT LORA boasts a simplified structure, integrating the movement through mold and injection. With only 27 kinds of 45 parts, this gas meter reduces the number of components, minimizing accumulated errors and ensuring accurate and reliable measurement. Say goodbye to concerns about inaccurate readings or discrepancies in your gas consumption. With the HKT LoRaWAN Gas Meter, you can trust that the measurements are precise, enabling you to manage your gas consumption effectively.


Enhanced Measurement Reliability

The gas meter’s adoption of a rotary distribution structure sets it apart from traditional meters that rely on reciprocating distribution mechanisms. This innovative design ensures smooth operation and overcomes the limitations of the older structure. By enhancing measurement reliability, the LoRaWAN Gas Meter provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your gas consumption is being accurately monitored.


Uncompromised Safety and Performance

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to gas meters, and the LoRaWAN Gas Meter exceeds expectations. Its rotation mechanism is stable and leak-free, guaranteeing the safety performance of the product. The movement transmission mechanism employs magnetic force to transmit rotation to the counter outside the casing, ensuring accurate measurement, stable performance, and consistent results during repeated detection. With an internal control indication error index of ±1%, this gas meter meets stringent quality standards, ensuring that your gas consumption is accurately detected and qualified.


Durable Construction for Longevity

The LoRaWAN Gas Meter features a steel casing treated with plastic spraying, providing not only a visually appealing appearance but also excellent corrosion resistance. This design ensures that the gas meter remains in optimal condition even in challenging environments. Moreover, the gas meter is equipped with various structures and devices to prevent external interference and damage, further enhancing its durability and longevity.



The LoRaWAN Gas Meter is the epitome of accuracy, reliability, and safety for domestic gas consumption monitoring. With its simplified structure, enhanced measurement reliability, and stable rotation mechanism, this gas meter ensures accurate readings and peace of mind. The LoRaWAN Gas Meter’s durable construction and corrosion resistance guarantee its longevity, providing you with a reliable gas monitoring solution for years to come. Choose the LoRaWAN Gas Meter from HKT LORA and experience the perfect balance of accuracy, reliability, and safety in managing your gas consumption.

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