HKT Indoor Ambience Monitoring Solution

HKT Indoor Ambience Monitoring Solution

At present, the concept of intelligent office has entered daily life, and many enterprises have advanced with the times, from hardware to software, and upgraded intelligently. Under the social background of advocating “people-oriented”, in addition to the intelligentization of office equipment and office systems, more and more enterprises will pay attention to the intelligentization of the office environment, and strive to create a more comfortable and humanized office environment at the lowest cost, so as to improve the Employee productivity and office experience.

The office is a space where people gather for a long time. Many office workers are prone to chest tightness or dizziness after staying in the office for a period of time, which is actually a manifestation of excessive carbon dioxide in the office space. In the long run, it is easy to lead to sub-health.

Based on the demand for real-time monitoring of the office environment, HKT launched the AM900 indoor ambience monitoring sensor. Nine parameters, comprehensive monitoring, and the office space environmental coefficient are clear at a glance, which is convenient to adjust the office air quality in a timely manner and improve the office experience.

  1. Nine parameters, comprehensive monitoring

HKT 9 in 1 indoor ambienceal monitoring sensor supports simultaneous monitoring of formaldehyde or ozone (choose one of the two), PM2.5&PM10, temperature, humidity, light, CO, atmospheric pressure, TVOC, activities and other data, fully satisfying indoor ambienceal monitoring requirements.

  1. E-ink screen design

The device uses a 4.2-inch e-ink screen to display data in real time and present air quality.

  1. Smart screen power saving mode

If no crowd activity is detected for 20 consecutive minutes, the screen automatically switches to sleep power saving mode, and the device continues to run in the background.

  1. Induction threshold alarm

LED lights and beeps distinguish the device status, and support multiple threshold alarm prompts.

  1. Local data security storage

The device has a storage space of 512KB and supports the safe storage of up to 18,000 pieces of local data to avoid data loss caused by packet loss or network disconnection.

  1. Support standard LoRaWAN protocol

Compatible with standard LoRaWAN gateways and third-party IoT platforms, the communication distance in an open environment can reach 15 kilometers.

  1. Easy to configure and low deployment cost

The device can be configured without disassembly, which is convenient and quick, and the deployment cost is low.

  1. Easy access to the cloud

Quickly connect to the LoRaWAN NS server for easy management and monitoring of environmental data.

  1. The appearance design is simple and suitable for a variety of scenarios

The simple and exquisite design can be integrated into different decoration styles, and is suitable for various application scenarios such as smart buildings, smart campuses, smart offices, and smart factories.








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