Enhance Your Wireless Network Efficiency with HKT LORA’s LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), efficient wireless networks play a pivotal role in connecting sensors and devices, enabling seamless data transmission and analysis. At HKT LORA, we understand the importance of reliable connectivity, and that’s why we have developed the LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway. This cutting-edge LoRaWAN wireless gateway serves as a crucial component in establishing efficient wireless networks, providing seamless connectivity for a wide range of devices and ensuring smooth data transmission to the cloud.

Unleashing the Power of LoRaWAN Wireless Gateway

The LoRaWAN wireless gateway from HKT LORA is designed to receive RF signals sent out by LoRaWAN devices. These signals are then converted into a compatible format for transmission to a server, enabling the seamless transfer of data to the cloud. With our LoRaWAN gateway, you can establish a robust and efficient wireless network infrastructure, allowing your sensors and devices to communicate seamlessly and transmit data reliably.


Versatile Connectivity Options for Enhanced Efficiency

HKT LORA’s LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway offers a wide range of wireless protocols, ensuring compatibility with various devices and networks. With support for Wi-Fi 2, 4G, 5G, BLE5.2, LoRaWAN, and LTE, our LoRaWAN wireless gateway provides versatile connectivity options, allowing you to connect and manage a diverse range of devices with ease. Whether you’re deploying sensors in smart cities, industrial applications, or agricultural settings, our LoRaWAN gateway ensures reliable connectivity, enabling efficient data collection and analysis.


Powerful Hardware for Optimal Performance

The HKT LORA’s LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway, model OD-100, is equipped with powerful hardware components to deliver optimal performance. With a Quad Core CPU running at 1.5GHz and a 64-bit ARM architecture, this gateway ensures fast and efficient data processing. The gateway also features 512MB DDR4 RAM and 8GB eMMC storage, providing ample resources for handling large amounts of data. Additionally, the support for 1Gb Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch power supply simplifies installation and reduces the need for additional power cables, making deployment hassle-free.



HKT LORA’s LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway is the ideal solution for enhancing the efficiency of your wireless network infrastructure. With its ability to receive RF signals from LoRaWAN devices and its support for various wireless protocols, including Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, BLE5.2, LoRaWAN, and LTE, our gateway ensures seamless connectivity for a wide range of devices. The powerful hardware components of the OD-100 model guarantee optimal performance, allowing for fast and efficient data processing. Simplify your deployment with the support for 1Gb PoE switch power supply, reducing installation complexity.

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