LoRaWAN Level & Pressure Sensor

  • Price: Negotiable
  • MOQ: 50 SQM
  • NRC: 0.88 from ISO354
  • Fire protection performance: Class A
  • Eco-Friendly: E1

Features of LoRaWAN Level & Pressure Sensor

  • Integrated design:such information is remotely transmitted to the centralized control center through NB-loT/Lora realizing the centralized supervision of fire hydrants.
  • IP67 protection level: dust proof,waterproof corrosion-resistant easy to install
  • High reliability: large-capacity lithium battery pack power supply, low power consumption operation,sustainable and stable work for 3~5 years
  • Optional communication protocol: support"urban fire remote monitoring system protocol - GB26875"
  • Industrial grade design: wide temperature design,high and low temperature resistance, suitable for various harsh sites
  • Large-capacity data storage space:Provide 2MB data storage space, which can store more than 5 years of collected data
  • Multiple communication methods: NB-IOT/LoRa/ LORaWAN and other communication methods
  • Low power consumption design:support multiple working modes(including self-reporting, querying, compatible, etc.) to minimize power consumption
  • Local configuration mode: support serial port/Bluetooth configuration mode
  • Remote management function: support remote parameter configuration and remote program upgrade. Provide powerful central management software to facilitate device management(optional)

Main Function of Product

  • Automatically and regularly collect data such as the water pressure and water level of fire hydrants at the metering point to achieve the accuracy completeness timeliness and reliability of data collection
  • Regularly report fire hydrant water level status, battery power,signal strength and other data
  • Built-in lithium battery power supply(38Ah/57Ah optional), can also support external power supply multiple power management modes
  • The equipment can realize the self-inspection of the power supply voltage and equipment status, analyze information such as faults, and find abnormalities in time
  • Support battery voltage reporting function
  • Comes with a screen,which can display data such as networking status, current liquid level value, battery voltage, etc. The screen is 128*64 dot matrix
  • The range of the liquid level transmitter is optional, and the default configuration is 5 meters

HKT provides customized services:

  • ODM
  • Pre-sales & After-sales Services
  • Technology Support

Product Specification

Parameter Description
Communication LoRaWAN Standard Protocol V1.0.X
Communication Distance Indoor communication distance: 1.0km
Urban Communication distance: 3.5km
Transmit Power 20dBm(100mW)
Receiver Sensitivity -140dBm
CPU Industrial-grade 32-bit communications processor
SPI Flash 2M
Antenna Interface Standard IPEX antenna interface, characteristic impedance 50 ohms
Power Interface Built-in power supply.powered by lithium battery; optional external power supply, 12V power supply
Wake Up Button Magnetic switch
Application Interface 1 channel analog input interface (12-bit AD, support 4-20mA current signal input,optional 0-5V voltage signal input)
1 way 12V output power supply interface
Standard Power Supply Built-in battery DC3.6V/1.5A (optional 38Ah/57Ah),external power supply12V/0.5A power supply
Static Value Guard Current <30uA (3.6V)
Working Current <170mA (3.6V) 
Ingress Protection IP67
Shell ABS plastic outter cover with aluminum alloy inner layer
Dimensions 140*93*59mm (without sensor)
Weight 1000g (with battery)
Operating Temperature -35~+75℃
Storage Temperature -40~+85℃
Relative Humidity 95%(no condensation)

  • Industry
  • IoT sewage system
  • Medical Treatment
  • IoT drainage system
  • Environmental Protection
  • Smart drainage system
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